Ancient grains for every season

Farro is one of those ingredients that magic a meal out of a few vegetables.  It is wonderful in summer; with punchy tomatoes and fresh herbs or alongside the nicoise family of tuna, capers and olives, but also great in winter with pumpkins and brassicas. We eat it a lot.  Long faces are occasionally pulled when the smaller people find out it is farro instead … Continue reading Ancient grains for every season

Ancient Grains: Farro

Walking through the city of Gubbio in Umbria I felt not like I was re-visiting the middle ages, but more that I was actually in them; that above me cloth was being stretched in the Loggia dei Tiratori, candles were being lit in the curiously bare cathedral while donkeys lugged sacks of grain up the very steep city streets.  The grain they would have eaten, … Continue reading Ancient Grains: Farro