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How to peel an artichoke and other stories.

Quick, it’s artichoke season, hurry to the market.  There are bulbous deep purple Romanescos, paler green but equally plump globes, and pretty tulip shaped violette. There are baskets, piles, and crates.  Truckloads parked on street corners selling ten for a song. The first time I cooked artichokes they were an unmitigated disaster.  I had chanced upon them at the Victoria Market, and probably just the … Continue reading How to peel an artichoke and other stories.

Rome picks

Ecco my list of Rome picks.  It is not exhaustive, nor is it complete or fail safe.  Being the tourist mecca that it is, Rome is not without it’s gastronomic pitfalls.  Roman food is essentially very uncomplicated; most dishes rely on two or three ingredients, and everything is carried by the essential seasonal produce.  Very Roman: Carciofi (artichokes – winter, spring), Fave (broad beans – spring), Puntarelle … Continue reading Rome picks