candied peel and walnuts

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? Mum always starts early on her Christmas baking; plum puddings, shortbread and rich fruit cakes might be made from about July onwards, so bags of candied orange peel, used also in her Genova cake and other regulars, can generally be found in her pantry year round.  Being a lover of such sweet sticky delights I know just which old… Continue reading candied peel and walnuts

to shop or not to shop

If a city, especially one like Rome, is a great outdoor museum, then shopping is one of the (legitimate) ways of exploring it.  Lexically speaking to do the shopping or fare la spesa is a needs based activity, consisting mainly of a long list stuffed into your back pocket (or left at home on the kitchen bench) and a slightly unpleasant haul through the nearest supermarket.  Certainly it becomes … Continue reading to shop or not to shop

a jar of jam, a basket of beans and a fine niçoise

Every time I go home to Melbourne my mother has an array of boxes waiting for me in some corner of the house.  Shoe cartons filled with Sade and George Michael cd’s, larger boxes bearing my carefully tissue swaddled collection of Guy Boyd ramekins, folders full of paperwork, typed school projects and faded birthday cards.  This january I heaved piles of invoices and receipts into the recycling bin … Continue reading a jar of jam, a basket of beans and a fine niçoise

counting beans

Leonardo reminds me every once in a while that, without beans, there would have been  no Renaissance.  Varieties of pulses had been grown in Europe since ancient times but new varieties of beans, along with the potatoes and tomatoes that had arrived from the Americas, provided a welcome boost to the middle ages diet; the protein injection artists and artisans needed for the cultural rebirth.  Beans: … Continue reading counting beans