Orchard to Table Spring & Autumn 2017

This year I’m pleased to announce the dates for both a spring and autumn edition of my special three day orchard to table cooking experience in Lubriano and the area surrounding it.

5 to 7 June, to co-incide with the Infiorata on 6 June

11 to 13 September, to co-incide with the San Procolo festival 10 Sep 

What we gather, see, cook and prepare will all be based on the culinary heritage of the area, which are a collision of Latium, Umbrian and Tuscan traditions.  The lessons will be super hands on in my simple but accomodating kitchen with meals around the kitchen table and under the pergola. Each day will include a visit and meal in the area. Spring and Autumn are both such delightful seasons in central Italy and both dates will co-incide with festivals in Lubriano on the Sunday before we start.

The three days will go something like this – subject to ingredient changes for each season:

Day  1. Monday  We will start the day gathering fresh vegetables gathering from the gardens around town.  Lesson and lunch: cooking from the garden.  The afternoon is free for a swim in the pool at palazzo Monaldeschi or a trip to Civita, before a visit to La Pazzaglia estate with wine tasting and antipasto dinner.

Day 2.  Early morning bread making and breakfast.  Our first visit is to local butcher Stefano Olimpieri where we will taste local cured meats and do the shopping for the evening meal. Free time during the middle of the day with optional trip to Bolsena for lunch. The afternoon / evening class will involve making fresh pappardelle wild boar ragù, with something sweet while the ragù bubbles away.

Day 3.   This morning we will visit a local cheesemaker and gather ingredients for a rustic lunch down in the valley, that will incude rustic tarts with the aforementioned cheeses and local cured meats.  In the afternoon we will visit to the Etruscan tombs at Porano followed by final dinner at Il Vecchio Mulino.

Cost is 400 euro for the 3 days which includes all ingredients, lessons, one meal with wine each day prepared as part of the lessons, visits and tastings and final meal at il Vecchio Mulino. Single day rates are: Monday 150, Tuesday 110, Wednesday 160. Arrival in Lubriano on the Saturday or early Sunday prior is recommended if you want to experience the Infiorata (June) or San Procolo (September) festivals. Accommodation is available at the Palazzo Monaldeschi, or you can check out apartments in and around Lubriano on AirBnB. 

3 thoughts on “Orchard to Table Spring & Autumn 2017

  1. I enjoyed meeting you today and I cannot wait to dig in to the delicious orange marmalade! Your description of your cooking classes sounded excellent but I don’t see any listed for 2018. Let me know when you have more planned…unless I am looking in the wrong place. Thanks! Jeff (Jones)

      1. Thanks. Uta told me later where to go but it is good to have it here in writing for future reference. Hope I can do one of your classes soon!
        By the way your photography is superb (of course) and I find your writing style to be clear, precise and engaging.

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