my year in pictures

Was 2013 a good year?  In Italy we are surrounded by well justified discontent, but looking for the positive lots of great things happened.  Berlusconi was partially booted from the political stage, prime minister Letta now has a governable majority and Renzi won the Democratic primaries officially heralding the arrival of the younger generation.  AS Roma is more mighty than we’ve seen for years and around the Tuscia (southern Tuscany, Northern Lazio) the 2013 olive harvest was notable in both quantity and quality terms.  At 43 I finally worked out what to do with my hair.

2013 was great for me because I worked with some fantastic people, and while my website is being updated here are some of my favourite photos from 2013.  In April Marie Sjoberg, Emma and I passed a few days around Lake Bolsena and Lubriano, making rustic tarts and enjoying the country air.  Lubriano wins as my favourite place to be for 2013.


Finally I went to a boot sale in England, and resolved to go at least annually for a weekend of boot sales.  At least Leonardo loves them too.

retro tea scones2 retro bits-flyer:web

Worked with the talented Susan Wright on her book Secret Rome and we shot some classic Roman dishes, Fave & Pecorino and Carciofi (artichokes) alla Romana.


Went to Milan for the launch of Robyn Lea’s Milan: Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City for which I wrote the recipes.  Revisited a few of the places that I we researched for the book back in 2008.  Wore vintage Armani shoes and rode the great Milano metro to my hearts content.

Had the best set lunches ever in Beirut making a TVC for Betty Crocker.  Where else in the world do they serve Zaatar Pita and Pain au Choc for breakfast?  Heaven.

Wrote a story about fish that I’ve been dying to write for a long time.  Eat more fish, cook it whole and not always Atlantic Salmon!


Went to London, met some great people and was luck to spend a day shooting with Ali Allen in her special home.  It was Autumn so we cooked and shot some comfort food.






Winter descended, and the view from the garden in Lubriano was better than ever.

civita tra le nuvole

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