I love Brixton


So much to love about Brixton Market; stalls piled high with juicy limes, okra and little Scotch Bonnet peppers, scores of bolt hole cafes with everything from the best of British to steaming bowls of noodle soup or a good curry, and all with character.  A stall selling enamel bake ware in every conceivable form, others with retro chairs and trousers, grocery stores selling spices, sauces and marinades from every corner of the earth.  I want to spend a few day here.

I learn about famous Caribbean patties, an old colonial story of British pies and Cornish pasties adapted to fiery West Indian tastes with spices and scotch bonnet peppers added to the filling and a sprinkle of tumeric to the pastry for a golden hue.  Delicious with a good splash of chili sauce.

Recipe to come.


2 thoughts on “I love Brixton

    1. Treney, It was my first time and I loved it. Wow, London makes Melbourne seem like a white bread town, it is so vibrant and wonderful, and everyone seems to be smiling – contrary to what the londoners think of themselves. I had this fabulous experience on the tube where a group of school children came over and started talking to me, asking me if I was reading a newspaper because their teacher had encouraged them to read the paper. I wanted to enroll Em and Bear in the school on the spot. they were london kids with parents from every corner of the world, they were infectious with a zest for life. Great city, funny I’m getting to know it later in life than so many of my mates. x al

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