Trams and Roman ices


From nine years old till almost the end of year twelve I took the tram to school.  The not very cool 72, a green rattler that rolled along Burke road and around the corner into Malvern.  I still remember each one of the conductors and feel grumpy about all those city mayors around the world who have replaced them with (higher paid) ticket inspectors. So long live the tram, forever a great means of transport.  Rome doesn’t have many, but the quite important Number 3 rolls past this corner of Via Marmorata and the Parco della Resistenza  which is home to a restored old kiosk appropriately called Tram Depot.

Partly because I love their fabulous collection of vintage Italian bar chairs and partly because this gives me a moment to rant about how Nestle and Unilever are imbruttendo (making ugly) the piazzas of Italy with their horrid red and blue chairs, that awful swimming pool blue slowly creeping inch by inch over the peninsula….  Personal rants aside, Tram Depot serves wonderful cool grattachecche (granita) and aperitivi in summer and coffee and good bites all day, and if it was practically under my house as it is my friend Rachel’s, I would be there all the time.

TRAM DEPOT, via Marmorata (corner Via Manlio Gelsomini) Testaccio Roma, open 8.30am – 2.00am

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